The 10 Best Places to Use Bitcoin

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How Do You Want To Spend Your Bitcoin

With the price of Bitcoin trending as high as it ever has, you might be disinclined to spend Bitcoin, but it’s become easier than ever to buy with Bitcoin.

We showed you how Bitcoin debit cards work, we went in depth into how using a Bitcoin card can help you buy things you need. And now we are thrilled to present you the definitive list of top places where you can use Bitcoin to buy things!

When you buy at these merchants, you can not only use Bitcoin to check out, but you can also receive discounts, free shipping and other rewards reserved exclusively for Bitcoin users.

This post is part 1 of a 3-Part series, which includes:

Some brave souls are using Bitcoin debit cards, wallets and the acceptance of Bitcoin to go entirely cashless. Given that these merchants and businesses will let you buy everything from flight tickets to video games and groceries, you might just be able to pull it off.

1. Purse


Purse lets you buy goods from at a discount when you use Bitcoin to check out. The shopping site offers you a 15% discount for shopping Amazon goods and checking out with Bitcoin.

Given the large selection of goods available from Amazon’s online store, Purse brings you a plethora of items to choose from.

2. Cult Of Meme


Cult of Meme ships your order for free when you buy their T-Shirts using Bitcoin. The site sells a huge collection of T-shirts, shirts, and other accessories that feature memes from internet culture.

The site’s signature T-Shirts are sure to create a sensation wherever you may go. If you like memes, their collection is well worth a look.

3. Licensed Hippie


The home of hippie crafts and art, Licensed Hippie is great for splurging on some room art or decorations. This online shop will bring a new hippie-like charm to your house.

Decorative tapestries and rugs will suit walls as well as floors. Free shipping is available worldwide. To help you shop with hippie confidence, the site has a returns policy that covers unused or defective items.

4. Rocketstreams IPTV Service


Rocketstreams is an internet protocol TV provider. IPTV platforms enable users to watch live streams of TV shows broadcast over the internet protocol. The shows from Rocketstreams include over 1500 streams and shows. In addition, the service also includes video on demand movies, which you can now watch with a subscription. You can try the service over 24 hours for free, or pick up a subscription for anywhere from 3 months, 6 months or a year.

5. Overstock


An online store with a great collection of video games, Overstock presents great options for shopping with Bitcoin. You can find games and accessories for all the major gaming platforms such as XBox and Nintendo.

Overstock holds much more than games, however. The store also sells furniture, clothes, kitchen items, jewelry and a lot more. Whatever you need for the home, you are likely to find it on Overstock.

6. Menufy


For food lovers, Menufy helps make Bitcoin useful where it matters most. Menufy lets you order food from thousands of restaurants. You can order delivery or pickup.

Hundreds of cities are available, including New York, Boston, San Francisco and others. Menufy has partnered with Coinbase, enabling you to check out with Bitcoin from a wallet. In addition, if you have a Bitcoin debit card on VISA or MasterCard, you can use that to pay for your food.

7. Microsoft


Microsoft stays on the cutting edge, and its support for Bitcoin is no exception. The tech giant allows you to use Bitcoin to pay for a variety of tech and software products.

You can find laptops, gaming consoles, home software as well as productivity tools all in the Microsoft online store.

8. EGifter


EGifter is a gifting platform where you can buy and send gifts. When you buy with Bitcoin, you can earn reward points. Gift cards are available for more than 200 brands, including Macy’s, Applebee’s, Dunkin Donuts and others.

You can print your gift card at home and present it in person, or you can send it digitally to friends and family. What better way to make use of your Bitcoin?

9. Bitify


Bitify is a general marketplace giving you a wide selection of goods on which to spend your Bitcoin. You will find software, electronics, phones, smart-watches, books and a range of other goods on the marketplace.

You can place bids for goods, or simply select the «Buy Now» option.

10. Newegg


For the tech-minded, you can put your Bitcoin to use on Newegg. Newegg is the home of tech, supplying laptops, computer accessories, and various electronics products. The online store frequently has promotions running on selected tech products. You may be able to pick up an electronics DIY kit on the cheap, or a high-performance gaming desktop computer.

Find Out More Places To Shop With Bitcoin

We showed how you can get the most utility from your Bitcoin by shopping at merchants where Bitcoin is accepted. These are just 10 of the top 30 shopping options for Bitcoin users. Watch out for Part 2 and Part 3!

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