7 big worldwide enterprises that actually works with Bitcoin

Meet Some Of The International Companies That Allow Bitcoin as a Payment Method!

As you may know, cryptocurrencies has raised such a big popularity during the last years, especially the one that everyone calls Bitcoin. Due to that, a lot of companies have included this e-coin as a payment method in their platforms, increasing the payment alternatives for all the users that make network transactions.

In that sense, there’re many enterprises that work with this particular cryptocurrency and almost every day a new one emerges. Nevertheless, not everyone knows about all this corporations and the possibility of doing business with them using Bitcoin.

So, if you’re involved in the cryptocurrencies market or you would like to be part of it, we want you to know 7 big worldwide enterprises that actually work with Bitcoin. This way you could be informed of where you can spend your e-coins at the present time.

1. Microsoft

This multinational enterprise, which main focus is the manufacturing of electronic devices, is now accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. Actually, this American company began working with this cryptocurrency since 2014, using the BitPay payments processor.

According to it, there’s an announcement that specifies that all the products from Windows Store can be acquired using Bitcoin. And if it was not enough, the same thing applies for the products from stores like Xbox Games, Xbox Video and Xbox Music.

2. Dell

It seems like a lot of technology enterprises are thinking about the possibility of including Bitcoin between their payment methods. One of those companies is the multinational enterprise called Dell, which works on the manufacturing, selling and computers technical support.

3. Expedia

Not only technological enterprises have adopted payment processes including Bitcoin. In fact, there’s an important tourism industry that’s also allowing users to pay using this e-coin. Yes, we’re talking about Expedia, one of the most famous websites for getting discounts on airway tickets, hotels and car rentals.

This enterprise decided to include this e-coin as a payment method, so the users can make bookings through it. However, it has some limitations as it doesn’t allow users to cancel transactions with Bitcoin once they’re in progress.

4. Shopify

This is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms nowadays and one of its highlighting features is that it allows people to create their own online stores. Anyway, since 2013 it has been following the cryptocurrencies trending by including Bitcoin as a payment method.

5. DISH Network

The recognized satellite television provider is the first one from this industry in allowing its users to pay using cryptocurrencies. Everything started on 2014 when this company decided to include Bitcoin as a payment method through an association with Coinbase.

6. PayPal

As you may now, this popular app for payments allows users to do transactions and exchange their money completely online. Since some months ago, it began working with Bitcoin as a payment alternative using platforms as Coinbase, BitPay and GoCoin.

7. Steam

For your information, this is the leader platform in the gaming industry and it has set an alliance with the global Bitcoin payment known as BitPay. This way, gamers can acquire all the products available on the platform by paying with Bitcoins and some other e-coins.

So well, these are some of the most prestigious companies that are currently allowing payments through Bitcoin. Nonetheless, you must keep in mind that they’re not the only ones. Remember that everyday there’s some new enterprise thinking about following the cryptocurrencies trend.

Anyway, if you’re thinking about investing on Bitcoin but you have some doubts related to where to spend that money, we hope this article clarifies them. And if you’re still hesitating about giving a try on this particular cryptocurrency, don’t miss our interesting post about 7 things you need to consider about investing on Bitcoin.

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