Why Cryptocurrencies are a Good Investment?

Discover the world of cryptocurrencies!

We hear everywhere that cryptocurrencies are a good investment. When it comes to invest our money, we need to know that “certainty” and “risk” are two concepts that we can take on our favor. They have become very popular in the last couple of years think, expanding its scope and versatility.

A cryptocurrenciy is an open code software that works as a “digital asset” to trade in the same way as the fiduciary money we normally use. You can turn your common currency in “crypto” and undo this exchange anytime you need cash.

Cryptocurrency is not regulated by any financial institution but by the entire world and the supply and demand’s law. You need to open a “Wallet Account” in one of the many “Digital Assets Exchange” existing from where you can directly buy these currencies.

We know that not everything that everybody uses is necessarily the best. So we will present you 8 reasons why you need to discover the world of cryptocurrencies, and get the best out of it!

1. It’s Technology is Revolutionary!

Cryptocurrencies are backed with a technology called “Blockchain”, that allows the purchase, sell and management of assets in real time, without intermediaries that for years have profited with the monopoly of inefficient financial systems. It works through encrypted information, digitally sealed at the same time in millions of computers around the world, which makes this data balanced and virtually unforgeable.

This technology was not only designed for cryptocurrencies. Nowadays, it has so many other practical applications and even more designed for the future. Blockchain is revolutionizing the financial and commercial system we used to know.

2. Virtual Money but Safer at the Same Time:

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized; this means that you won’t find any center or server online where all of them are stored. In this way, the system is protected from attacks made by governments or private institutions, because they can’t simple closure a web page to end with the cryptocurrencies. In addition, work with encrypted information means that is safe from the action of hackers.

3. You are the Real Owner of your Money:

Cryptocurrencies are a good investment, being a comfortable and safe way to store our savings because they will be unreachable to governments. A court is not capable to audit your cryptocurrencies, nor even see how many you have and either get any of them without your password. Nobody except you have the capability to know and access your funds.

4. Companies and Retailers are Interested in them:

If you think that cryptocurrencies are money that you will never actually enjoy, you need to know that each day more online stores accept this method of payment to acquire products and services. It’s being more accessible and tangible for users in the manner that you can have debit cards specially designed for cryptocurrencies and manage them more efficiently.

5. The Offer is Limited and they Came to Stay!

Something very important you need to know about cryptocurrencies is the fact that some of them can’t be created in a unilateral way. A process limits the amount existing in the market.

Although in the short run the price is volatile, their growing popularity tells us that in the long term, the price has a trend to rise. This is because eventually, the demand overcomes the limited supply. In this manner, cryptocurrencies are a good investment but you need to be updated with the latest news of the market.

6. Inflation is Not an Issue:

The inflation won’t affect cryptocurrencies in the first place. There is no government deciding its value or when and how to produce them. This is decentralized money.

In addition, for those cryptocurrencies that uses a mechanism called “Proof of Work” (POW), the situation of inflation can’t simply happen. The maximum amount of units it’s limited by the same algorithm. So make sure to invest in a cryptocurrency that uses POW, instead of “Proof of Sake” (POS), where inflation can be possible by not having that limit.

7. A Currency with Different Backups!

Some people could think that the “Bitcoin” is the only cryptocurrency available. However, you can find more than 800 varieties, and they can have different backup systems according to the business model they propose.

In most cases, the backup is built over the trust of persons and institutions that use this method as a safe and profitable alternative to invest. People have confidence in cryptocurrencies because there is no possibility of fraud in their transactions. In addition, its feature of having an exchange value with a known reference is very attractive for investors.

Some cryptocurrencies use another type of backup, one that is based in tangible assets like gold, oil and real estate. In this case, you have the choice to select between both models, finding the one that fits best with your needs and tastes.

8. Cryptocurrencies are a good investment, the moment is now!

The risk to invest in this market is much lower now than it was 8 years ago with the creation of “Bitcoin”, the first cryptocurrency in the market. At that time, this system was only an experiment. Nowadays, some countries have started to use them, for example, Japan which this year recognized the Bitcoin as a method of payment in the nation.

Other sign that cryptocurrencies are a good investment is that giant enterprises like Microsoft and Intel have shown interest in the “Blockchain” technology. So we can affirm that this is no longer an experiment, but a truly change in the financial paradigm.

Despite the strength that cryptocurrency is building, our recommendation is that don’t let you seduce by the idea of making “easy incomes”. Invest your time and the money you don’t need at the moment, in cryptocurrencies that are backed with a strong technology, a good project and an excellent future.

In this manner, you need to be patient when it comes to invest on cryptocurrencies. Don’t expect immediate profits, because speculate with its value in the short run it’s profitable but could be more risky. According with your experience on this field, you can let your investment work for long periods while you learn even more.

Invest efforts to understand this interesting market and use its behavior on your favor!

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