Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Exchanges You Can Choose At the Moment

Discover The Best Cryptocurrencies Exchanges To Safely Buy/Sell Your E-Coins!

The cryptocurrencies market has grabbed the attention of people from all over the world, who desperately want to see their USD, EUR or GBP changed into Bitcoins, Ethers, Litecoins and so on. Nevertheless, to do that it is necessary to look first for some of the cryptocurrencies exchanges that are constantly emerging, but it’s not that easy to choose the best of them.

If you didn’t know it, the failure on the cryptocurrencies exchange has turn into one of the more featured topics on the recent news and reports. That’s the reason why the investors are so concerned about the digital money exchangers, doubting about their reliability.

Since you’re reading this, you must be thinking of investing on some of the existing cryptocurrencies and you will certainly want to find the best virtual platform to obtain them. So, in order to help you with that purpose we’ve decided to show you the top 5 cryptocurrencies exchanges you can choose right now to safely manage your e-coins.

First of all, there are some considerations you should keep in mind when looking for the best cryptocurrencies exchanges:

  • The website security level.
  • The liquidity of the exchange.
  • The alternatives to buy cryptocurrencies (credit card, PayPal, …)
  • The customers reviews.
  • The transaction charge structure (including stable fees, fraction fees and spread)
  • The currency type (USD, EUR, Altcoins, etc.) and the amount of it that is allowed to trade cryptocurrencies.

So now that you know the criteria you should keep in mind when looking for cryptocurrencies exchanges, let’s talk about the best virtual platforms for doing transactions with e-coins.

1. Coinbase

A lot of people recommend it as it represents one of the easiest ways of obtaining e-coins. In general, it allows you to have a virtual wallet (that even works on Android and Iphone) and to easily buy, sell and collect cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

According to this system, when doing transactions between online wallets, friends or business there is not a fee to pay. Nevertheless, when transferring from Bitcoin to your local currency or vice versa there is a fee of 1%.

Also, the digital files are safety saved out of line and the digital money archived on the server is covered by an insurance policy.

Considering all this, Coinbase is particularly a good choice for trading cryptocurrencies.

2. Kraken

It is one of the best cryptocurrency brokers with one of the greatest institutional connections all over the world. It involves wallets encrypted, a double verification system for the client access and a PGP/GPG system for login security and emails confirmation as security measures.

To open a cryptocurrencies account using Kraken you don’t need to make a minimum deposit. However, there will be additional charges for making deposits even when it does not apply for all currency types.

With Kraken, the mainly form of making a deposit is through a wire transfer so it’s a little bit restrictive. Anyway, this exchange works with almost all existing cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Dasch, etc.

It has a high liquidity and the fees are relatively, low but they tend to vary depending on the product and volume.

3. Bitfinex

It is recognized worldwide on the cryptocurrencies market for its good trading conditions in comparison with other e-coins exchanges.

Among its advantages, Bitfinex has good liquidity, offers leverage and the opportunity of wining by investing on Swaps. Through this particular platform you can obtain almost all the existing cryptocurrencies with common fees about 0.2% for each transaction.

This cryptocurrency exchange also gives the opportunity of winning benefits for lending funds in Bitfinex. For all this, it is certainly one of the best brokers for trading cryptocurrencies on a safety way.

4. Coinmama

It is one of the best options when it comes to trade with e-coins. That’s mostly because of the service’s speed, as it makes transactions in just a couple of minutes in comparison with other brokers that take even days on completing an operation.

For the moment, Coinmama only allows you to buy Bitcoins and Litecoins using cash or a credit/debit card, and it can include some fees in the operation depending on the payment form selected to send the funds.

5. LocalBitcoins

This broker offers a peer-to-peer interchange and allows users to individually trade between themselves.

The fees are lowest than those included in many other cryptocurrencies exchanges and it also bids a resolution system, a ranking system for traders and more.

Furthermore, LocalBitcoins allows users to share a quick buy/sell announcement on the exchange platform, so it facilitates the trading process between pairs.

Now that you already know the top 5 cryptocurrencies exchanges you can choose at the moment, we hope you can find the best option for you and what you need, so you can successfully trade with one or more of this e-coins.

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